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Western Stevedoring


Western Stevedoring is a company with a history…a history of people and their accomplishments up and down British Columbia’s coast. It’s a company that has earned a solid reputation for providing professional stevedoring services to a broad spectrum of shippers and carriers for over 50 years.

Western Stevedoring started as McKay Stevedoring and Contracting Company.  The first contract was to load lumber on to the ‘S.S. Bell’ at Port Alberni, BC over 5 decades ago. A humble beginning, yet one that was to see the company become a major stevedoring contractor in British Columbia.

In 1950, the company name was changed to Western Stevedoring. Since then the company has grown to handle 12 million tones of cargo annually.



  • Modern Bulk-Liquid storage and distribution facility
  • Handles caustic soda solution, denatured ethanol and ethylene glycol
  • Located adjacent to Lynnterm
  • Western has been labour contractor since 1979
  • Responsible for the provision and supervision of labour including the establishment of work rules and training programs