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Fibreco has been a leading supplier of wood chips to the world pulp and paper industry since 1977. As specialists in the sales marketing and trading of wood chips, Fibreco’s team is committed to delivering quality products in required species and volumes, to domestic and international customers. Fibreco’s expertise includes providing competitive markets for its wood chip suppliers.

Fibreco has been exporting to Japan for over twenty years and has a highly regarded reputation and excellent customer relationships throughout the pulp and paper industry.

Fibreco’s softwood wood chips originate from suppliers in British Columbia. Species such as Spruce-Pine-Fir (SPF), Lodgepole Pine and Douglas Fir are produced from sawmill residual chips and through whole log chipping.

In 2005, Fibreco added wood pellet handling to its North Vancouver Terminal business. The pellets are shipped to Europe for bio-energy.